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Audio Post-Production.
Film Scoring.  

Original Music | TY x El Enemigo

Audio Correction | TY x Joe Bradley

Sound Effects| TY x Yunni


Film Scoring.

We create soundtracks for film using our technical and artistic expertise.
1 Film Scoring


We compose, record, mix and master music for advertisements according to the highest industry standards.

Combining our knowledge of different musical genres and the finest equipment we create taylor made musical solutions.
2 Jingles

Audio Post-Production.

We mix, edit, synchronize and restore audio to suit audiovisual productions.

We also create sound FX (effects) that enhance and complement the visual experience.
3 Audio Post-Production


We provide high-quality audio dubbing services for advertising and film.

We collaborate with dubbing professionals of all languages.
4 Dubbing

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About us

Our services range from original compositions for film and commercials to voice-over recordings, sound editing and sound restoration.

Our ideal acoustic environment combined with our experience as musicians and audio engineers guarantees results in accordance with the highest industry standards.